Skill development trg underway

KHUPAON, Feb 24: Forty-two farmers, farmwomen and rural youths are participating in a 25-day skill development training for vermicompost producers and aquarium technicians, which got underway at the Anjaw Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) office here on Monday.
Addressing the participants, DIET Principal MK Mishra advised them to “grasp the benefit of skill development for self-sustainable as well as establishing their own enterprises.”
Agronomy scientist Khoisnam Naveen presented a brief on the Agricultural Skill Council of India, the Pradhan Mantra Kaushal Vigyan Yojana, the role of vermicompost producers, etc, while animal science expert, Dr Santosh Kumar, spoke about the role of aquarium technicians, the “benefits of developing skill of aquarium,” etc.
KVK computer programmer Keshab Ch Gogoi also spoke.