Power supply restored

ITANAGAR, Mar 4: Power supply has been restored in the Capital Complex on Wednesday after thunder and rains last evening completely snapped power supply for hours.
Capital electrical division Executive Engineer Joram Lali informed this daily that lightning and heavy rain led to fault in the power lines, which the power department managed to clear at 8.35 am on Wednesday.
“The main power supply at Guwahati was also affected by the bad weather condition on Tuesday, in fact, the whole state was affected,” he added.
When queried about the power outage which have been affecting some sectors of Itanagar since a couple of days, the executive engineer informed, “The central power feeder supplying power from Chandanagar to ESS sector developed a major fault a couple of days back which affected over two thousand consumers of Itanagar. The department, despite its efforts, was unable to locate the electrical fault. However, the line was cleared after two days and power supply has been restored now.”