RGU students to work on SVM

RONO HILLS, Mar 8: Eight students of Rajiv Gandhi University’s (RGU) masters of social works department have been selected to work on different projects as part of an MoU signed between RGU and the University of California (UC), Berkeley, USA, to create scalable and sustainable smart village prototypes.
Bamin Yalung, Bengam Doni, Leamkai Wangpan, Hage Vijay, Tapi Chama, Koj Sunku, Apong Boham and Alem Sumnyan will be
working in areas such as primary education, healthcare, rainwater harvesting, farming and agriculture, water and sanitation, energy and connectivity, and logistics and transportation, under the guidance of Prof Sumpam Tangjang.
On Saturday, Prof Tangjang and the eight students took part in a discussion with Prof Solomon Darwin of the UC, during which Prof Darwin enumerated the project’s benefits to the students of Synod College, Meghalaya, IIT Guwahati, and RGU.
“The University of California and the Smart Village Movement (SVM) team in India firmly believe that engaging with Indian varsities will help the movement by bringing together the best of young minds in the country to work in the domain of innovations and rural development,” the RGU stated in a release on Sunday.