Admin continues border trade ban

NAMPONG, Mar 16: Considering the vulnerability of border town Nampong against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, the Changlang district administration has decided to continue the ban on border trade between India and Myanmar.
Nampong SDO Ibom Tao has communicated with his Myanmar counterpart in this regard.
In a letter to Myanmar’s general administration town officer, Tao explained that “Nampong being a vulnerable border town, it will be appropriate to continue the ban to keep the area safe from the wide spreading virus as Nampong does not have the capability to counter such pandemic.”
He said movement of people for medical treatment and social visits should also be halted for the safety of the region.
The SDO urged his counterpart to continue with the ban till the government of India deems it fit and safe to reopen the trade.
The suspension of border trade began on 13 January.