Villages in E/Siang impose traditional lockdown

PASIGHAT, Mar 24: At least five to six villages in Ruksin subdivision of East Siang district have been put under complete lockdown from Tuesday until 31 March by the villagers themselves to prevent any possible spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).
Such locking down of the villages to prevent the outbreak of diseases has been practiced by the Adi community since time immemorial. During such traditional lockdowns, known as ‘motor’ or ‘pator’ in Adi, nobody is allowed to enter or exit the village.
Further, all activities by the villagers, including agricultural activities, are put on complete halt during the restriction period.
In the current situation, the villagers can go outside only in cases of emergency, but on the condition that they wear masks.
The system will also be implemented at the main gate on the MMJ road in Ruksin village on Wednesday.
“Coronavirus is deadly and we should not think that it will not affect our village. Hence, we have decided to take strict precautionary measures to protect our villagers. We are following the tips given by the health officials,” said Debing village HGB Yon Yomso.
“As the people are practicing physical distancing effectively, there is no chance of Covid-19 spreading in the village. We have requested other villages to follow suit,” he added.