More videos of police beatings emerge

Two migrant workers assaulted by public in Ziro

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Mar 29: Videos of police atrocity have emerged from different parts of the state after the nationwide lockdown started, following outbreak of Covid-19.
In a video, which was shot in Kimin, four people are seen being assaulted. The police beat up three males with a lathi, even as they are running from the police. A female is made to sit holding her ears. They are reported to be migrant workers from Laluk in Assam.
In a video from Lower Subansiri HQ Ziro, CRPF personnel are seen making three boys do pushups. One boy is seen being beaten with a lathi. All three are tribal boys.
Lower Subansiri SP Hemant Tiwari said the incident occurred on 27 March in Gandhi market, and that inquiry is ongoing.
“The boys were repeatedly warned not to violate the prohibitory orders by the personnel,” he said.
Tiwari said that CCTV footages of the incident are being studied. “Necessary action is being initiated and effort is on to identify the CRPF personnel,” he said.
In another video which has emerged from Ziro, two migrant workers are seen being slapped and chased with a dao in Hong village. They are then ordered to come back, and when they do, they are made to sit holding their ears.
The incident occurred on 26 March. The SP said that a meeting was conducted and village representatives were warned not to assault anyone.
He said migrant workers in the district are safe, and that they are being provided with their requirements by the district administration and the police.
Earlier, in another video, three persons were seen being beaten up in Bihari Basti, near the Gumto railway station in Papum Pare district, by IRBn personnel for being outside during the lockdown.
DGP RP Upadhyaya informed this daily that the three personnel have been suspended.
All three are from the 4th IRBn battalion stationed in Jully.

Police assault on public won’t be tolerated: Amo

Meanwhile, Capital SP Tumme Amo has issued an order to the police personnel under his jurisdiction, stating that “no beating or assaults on public will be tolerated.”
He said such assaults would attract strict action from the authorities.
Amo said people who have passes issued by the DC, and those with critical health issues, are to be allowed movement.
He directed the SDPOs and the OCs to “go through the guidelines and accordingly brief the staff regarding the exemptions and exceptions during the lockdown.”