Capital DA warns of strict action against those who flout lockdown guidelines

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Mar 31: The capital complex district administration made public announcements in the market area here on Tuesday, asking everyone to refrain from creating a crowd while shopping for groceries, and warned that they are liable to be quarantined if they do not observe the lockdown guidelines.
Deputy Commissioner Komkar Dulom said strict action would be taken against those who flout the guidelines, be it shopkeepers or members of the public.
“The police and the administration will arrest those who do not follow the guidelines. You will be taken to the quarantine centres instead of being taken to jail,” the DC announced.
“We are all under threat. We are the living dead. Even if we are with masks, there is every possibility that the virus may have entered our bodies, and we may go back to our homes and spread it to our families. Do not come out unless it is absolutely necessary. Even if you have to go out for some reason, make sure that you wash your hands and the clothes you wore outside. Do not bring the germs into your house,” the DC said.
He also advised the people to keep themselves updated through the news.
“Italy, which ranks second in terms of health services globally, is battling with thousands of deaths. There is no cure. The only way out is social distancing. We should save ourselves to save others,” he said.
Relaying the importance of observing physical distancing, Additional District Magistrate Talo Potom also announced that “those who do not follow the guidelines will be prosecuted and taken to task by the police and the administration, whether shopkeepers or public.”
“This (Covid-19) is not a joke. It is a matter of life and death at this point. This is for you, your families, and the society you live in. Read the papers and watch the news on the gravity of the situation before you attempt to venture out of your homes without a care in the world,” Potom said.