Heavy gridlocks in LPG supply in capital

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Apr 2: The Covid-19 lockdown has resulted in an unprecedented essential services crisis in the capital complex.
There are reports of heavy gridlocks in the supply of LPG cylinders, with consumers complaining that the distributors are failing to deliver LPG cylinders even days after booking.
“Moreover, the numbers provided for contacting the food & civil supplies department in the capital region are either switched off or nobody responds to any calls,” said a consumer who had been trying for three days to get a cylinder.
“The district administration needs to provide working numbers of the gas agencies. None of the numbers provided is working,” said another consumer, Tate Tayam.
To top it all, consumers have to face the security personnel when they go out to fetch LPG cylinders.
“When the gas distributors are failing to deliver cylinders to the sectors and the colonies, we are compelled to go out and fetch it by ourselves. In the process, we are often confronted by the security personnel,” said a consumer.
Crowds of consumers and long queues were seen in several sectors, wherever LPG cylinders were being distributed.
When contacted, DFCSO Amit Bengia said, “The situation is improving, compared to two days ago. It’s humanly not possible to cover all the sectors in a single day. The public need to be educated.”
He said communication is made a day in advance through WhatsApp groups regarding the delivery of LPG cylinders in the sectors.
“All sectors will get home delivery on rotation basis,” said Bengia, and appealed to the consumers to remain in their sectors.
“Today’s (Thursday) sector-wise LPG distribution was much better than yesterday’s. All are requested to create awareness among the consumers that they shouldn’t go to other sectors for LPG refills. The consumers must remain in their own sectors for refills,” he said.
Further, an officer of the department said: “The consumers need to do the bookings at their respective agencies or with any of the members of the control room in the capital complex DC office. Their numbers were published in the dailies a few days back.”