16 samples collected, 2nd test on Monday for Covid-19+ve person

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Apr 5: Tests on 16 swab samples were carried out on Sunday. The results of a total of 18 samples are awaited. So far, 150 samples from the state have been tested.
Meanwhile, the second test of the Covid-19 positive person, who is currently admitted in the isolation ward of the Tezu zonal general hospital, will be carried out on Monday, and another one on Wednesday.
The person is currently asymptomatic. There were some media reports that the person had tested negative, which the authorities said is not true as his second sample is yet to be taken.
His blood sample was taken as per the direction of the government of India.
According to the health department, 32 people from the state travelled to Covid-19 affected countries. Thirteen are outside the state while 19 are in the state. Ten of them have completed 28 days of observation. None of them has been tested for the virus. The tracking process for two persons is ongoing.