Farmers bring succour to many in W/Siang

AALO, Apr 5: Self-sufficient farmers of West Siang district are bringing succour to many by selling their farm produces and meeting the residents’ fish and vegetable needs to some extent.
Raken Padu is a retired police commandant who prefers to live in the countryside, nurturing fish ponds, vegetable gardens, paddy fields, piggery, beekeeping units, etc.
He is selling a variety of fishes, ranging from small ones to big ones weighing more than 5 kgs. One has to place an order for his fishes.
Togi Tali, who served the government for 40 long years and is enjoying a retired life for the past 28 years, has food grains which will meet his requirements for three years.
“The work culture which I cultivated since my childhood is still running in my blood and I cannot sit idle,” said the octogenarian when he was persuaded by children to stop working at the age of 88. The villagers depend upon him when they face food scarcity.
More progressive farmers from every village are now coming forward to supply their surplus vegetables and food grains. The agriculture department has invited all such progressive farmers to supply the essential commodities at regulated prices in the township areas.
Meanwhile, the ongoing lockdown has been reinforced by the villagers through various traditional methods/systems like Ali-Ternam and Yulu Monam. In many places, the lockdown has been extended upto 21 April. (DIPRO)