Covid-19: Itanagar zoo authorities taking preventive measures

ITANAGAR, Apr 6: The authorities of the biological park here are taking adequate preventive measures to protect the nine big cats in the zoo, after a tiger in the USA tested positive for Covid-19.
A tiger in New York’s Bronx zoo has tested positive for Covid-19 and is believed to have contracted the virus from a caretaker who was asymptomatic at the time.
“With report of the coronavirus spreading among the inmates of the zoo in the USA, we are taking extra care for the big cats. All the food for the carnivorous animals, which are being supplied from Assam, are being properly treated before feeding the animals, and even the vehicles are sanitized thoroughly,” the park’s curator, Raya Flago told PTI.
He said since the imposition of the lockdown, the zoo authority imposed restrictions on the movement of all the staff as they are not allowed to go out of the park.
“We have also made it mandatory for the staff of the park to wear masks and other protective equipment while feeding the inmates of the zoo,” Flago said.
The biological park has six tigers, three leopards and 12 leopard cats, including nine jackals, among the carnivorous species, besides various herbivorous species.
Flago said that food for the herbivorous animals have been stored for one month while for the carnivorous species, the designated contractors are presently supplying meat from neighbouring Assam through sub-contractors due to the nationwide lockdown.
“The zoo authority vaccinates all the animals every six months and even vaccinates all domestic animals in the fringe area of the park once every year free of cost,” Flago added. (PTI)