Chinese softshell turtle rescued, handed over to zoo

Staff Reporter
NAHARLAGUN, Apr 7: A Chinese softshell turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis) was rescued from Pachin area here on Tuesday morning, and the rescuers handed over the reptile to the officials of the Itanagar zoo in the afternoon, informed Zoo Curator Raya Flago.
The rescuers were Hillang Nima, Yarda Tasap, Dolang John, Gangte Vijay and Dado Obing of Pachin Colony.
Flago thanked all of them for demonstrating their love and concern for wildlife.
“The turtle is found to be visibly healthy,” said Itanagar Biological Park Veterinary Officer, Dr Sorang Tadap.
The Chinese softshell turtle belongs to the softshell family Trionychidae, which includes the American softshell turtle, the Cantor’s giant softshell turtle, the Florida softshell turtle, and many others, Flago said.
“The Chinese softshell turtle prefers to eat while in water. They are carnivores and eat insects, worms, crustaceans and fish, and feed on marsh plant seeds and leaves also,” he said.
They prefer to spend most of their lives in water. They are adapted to absorb oxygen through their skin and the lining of the throat when fully submerged in water.
“These turtles are agile swimmers and good hunters,” Flago added.