Subdued celebration of Nyishi Day

RICHI-JULLANG, Apr 19: The Nyishi Day celebration at the Nyishi Elite Society’s (NES) headquarters here on Sunday witnessed an unprecedented thin attendance, in keeping with the Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP).
The Nyishi flag was unfurled by NES vice president Tarh Tabin as its president, Bengia Tolum, could not attend the event due to the lockdown.
Tabin outlined the role played by the NES in the fight against Covid-19 through awareness programmes, opinion-sharing with the government, and providing logistic and financial support.
He appealed to the citizens of the state to cooperate with those on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19, such as the medical community, the administrations, the paramilitary forces and the essential services providers. He also urged the people to maintain physical distance and follow the government’s guidelines.
Tabin spoke about the sensitization programmes conducted by
the NES in the interstate boundary areas in view the vulnerability of those areas to movement of people across the Assam-Arunachal boundaries.
“Local administration, leaders and gaon burahs enthusiastically participated in the sensitization programmes, and assured the NES that they would guard the porous boundaries at all costs to protect our state,” he said, and added that such programmes are also being carried out in Seijosa in Pakke-Kessang district and Dollungmukh in Lower Subansiri.
“The NES has also decided to supply quintals of rice and condiments to the inhabitants of the boundary villages, especially the villages in Boginadi area, such as Borhill, Borsutum, Koi, Keding, Taranghappa, etc, inhabited by Nyishi and Puroik communities under hostile circumstance, dependent on Assam and devoid of road connectivity from Arunachal side,” Tabin said. “The only nearest connectivity from Arunachal is to Kakoi circle, which is 25 kms from those villages.”
There was a general consensus among the participants to strictly follow the government’s guidelines and the SOP in order to protecting themselves and the society.
The day was also celebrated in all the Nyishi-inhabited districts and blocks, as well as in Charduar, in Sonitpur district of Assam.