Admin seeking to procure locally-grown vegetables

ITANAGAR, Apr 20: Capital Complex DC Komkar Dulom has informed that the administration is exploring every possibility to supply locally-grown vegetables to the capital’s residents.
While the fisheries department (Papum Pare) has been engaged in selling fresh fish with the support of local fish farmers, vehicle permits have been issued for transportation of vegetables from Seppa, Sagalee, Yachuli and Yazali through the agricultural produce market committee (APMC), Dulom said.
“Though it is a challenging task to cater to the needs of every individual, the administration is trying its level best to meet the demands,” the DC said.
Stating that the local supply arranged by the APMC was not sufficient to meet the demand of the capital complex with its 1.7 lakh population, Dulom said additional supplies are being procured from outside the state to stabilize the price hike.
“Moreover, we have around 40 percent non-APST population, who cannot survive solely on local vegetables. Therefore, it becomes necessary to import vegetables from outside the state,” he said.
The DC informed that importing vegetables from places identified as Covid-19 red and orange zones has been barred and instructions have been passed to import such items only from places like Gohpur, Biswanath Charali, Sonitpur, and other foothill areas which do not fall under such zones.
The entry of vegetables from Harmutty has been suspended, he said.
Dulom also informed that only a driver and a helper per vehicle are permitted to transport vegetables, fish and meat.
The DC sought cooperation from the residents during the lockdown, saying that “the war against Covid-19 can only be won through the support and cooperation of every individual.”
He said the difficult period has taught the local people to be self-reliant and grow vegetable locally. (DIPRO)