WA group crowd funds more than 3 lakhs for students

Staff Reporter
PASIGHAT, Apr 22: Seventy nine students from Pasighat area, who are currently stranded outside the state due to the lockdown, have been provided with Rs 4,117.28 each through crowd funding by the Bogong Banggo Notti (BBN), a WhatsApp group.
The BNN had started the crowd funding through its WhatsApp group from 13 April and had collected a total amount of Rs 3,25,265.30 by 21 April. The amount was then divided and transferred into their (students) personal bank accounts on 22 April.
The BBN members thanked all the donors, “those that showed their love, empathy and compassion to help the stranded children outside the state in these trying times.”
It also thanked the members who identified the students.