AAPSU questions RRAG claim on Chakmas and Hajongs

ITANAGAR, May 5: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) has strongly condemned the statement of Rights and Risks Analysis Group director Suhas Chakma, for reportedly “describing the Chakmas and Hajongs of Arunachal Pradesh as vulnerable section of people during the pandemic.”
Observing that “the government of Arunachal Pradesh is making its best effort to reach out to all needy people without any discrimination during this hour of uncertainty,” the union said “people like Suhas Chakma and his coterie working for the Chakmas and Hajongs should stop playing the victim card every time, especially at this time of medical emergency.”
Terming Suhas’ statement a “blatant lie,” the AAPSU requested the central government to constitute an independent committee along with the AAPSU and check the facilities enjoyed by the Chakma and Hajong people in Arunachal, such as schools, public health centres, road connectivity and occupancy on land.
“In fact, they are enjoying and availing facilities more than some indigenous people of the state in many ways,” AAPSU general secretary Tobom Dai said.
The human rights body, RRAG had sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention alleging that the Chakmas and Hajongs in Arunachal Pradesh are facing
hunger and starvation as they were allegedly not included in the government’s economic package.
The union also condemned the punitive action carried out by the Assam forest and administrative officials from time to time on the people of Arunachal.
“When the matter of boundary issue is subjudice in the Supreme Court, the action of the Assam officials is unwarranted. If the law is applicable to the state of Arunachal Pradesh, it should be the same for the state of Assam,” it said.
APPSU president Hawa Bagang called on the state government not to remain a mere spectator by taking the refuge of the matter being subjudice in the court.
The union further demanded that the state government lodge an FIR and also file contempt petition through its counsel without any further delay.
Further, the AAPSU reiterated its request to the state government to provide financial assistance to all students who were left out the last time.
“It has been brought to the knowledge of the union that many students that are stranded outside the state could not avail the opportunity provided by the state government the last time, owing to one reason or the other,” it said.