Citizens make mockery of physical distancing norms

RKMH, Itanagar
HIM Pepsi distributorship, Jully

ITANAGAR, May 11: Making a mockery of the physical distancing norms, huge crowds were seen at the HIM Pepsi distributorship in Jully and at RK Mission Hospital (RKMH) here on Monday.
This happened even though the government has banned assembling of crowds in one place, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
At the HIM Pepsi distributorship, people had started
lining up in queue since morning.
“People started queuing up since 5 am. It is very difficult to maintain social distancing. The authorities should work out a mechanism to avoid this kind of situation,” said a person who was in the queue.
The few policemen present there were seen struggling to enforce the physical distancing norms.
At RKMH, a huge crowd gathered near the entrance to the outpatient department.
“This is a really worrisome situation. The RKM authorities are playing with fire. They should address this issue before the situation turns ugly. The present situation is a threat not only to the visitors but also to the hospital’s health workers,” said a citizen.