Improvement in return of results as samples continue to pour in

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, May 15: There has been a remarkable improvement in the return of Covid-19 test results as well as collection of samples in Arunachal. So far, all the tests are negative.
According to the health department, the Tezpur Medical College Hospital, Assam, which had a backlog of 128 samples on Thursday, has retuned most of the results, with only 26 samples yet to be tested.
Meanwhile, the state Covid-19 RT-PCR lab at Tomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Sciences (TRIHMS) returned 103 samples with zero backlogs on Friday.
Dr Mika Umpo, the nodal officer for the lab, said that the lab has tested 585 samples so far. All 103 samples which were sent to the lab on Thursday have been returned. This is the second day in a row for TRIHMS without a backlog.
The RMCR Dibrugarh lab backlog continues with 252 results awaited, while the intermediate reference laboratory has a backlog of seven samples.
On Thursday, 88 samples were collected in Changlang, which is the highest in the state for the day, followed by 74 in the capital region. A total of 2942 samples have been collected in the state.

‘Fight Covid-19 without panic and overreaction’

Meanwhile, the IDSP’s State Surveillance Officer, Dr L Jampa, advised the citizens of the state to be alert and do the right things in order to fight against the Covid-19 virus without panicking and overreacting.
“The panic that was caused in Seppa following the announcement by the district administration for execution of the containment plan is but natural. This can be treated as an alert response by the team in Seppa, and the exercise as a mock drill,” Dr Jampa said in a statement.
A young man who had tested negative on 9 May while in quarantine had reported to the authorities after he had developed a sore throat and chest pain on Thursday, following which he was kept in isolation and his locality contained.
His test came negative on Friday.