Community hall turned into quarantine centre in Miao

[ Pisi Zauing ]
MIAO, May 18: The Miao community hall -cum- Miao badminton club has been converted into a quarantine centre here in Changlang district.
The centre has the capacity to accommodate 46 people and was inaugurated by additional deputy commissioner Tage Rumi here on Monday.
Meanwhile, two persons of M’pen area who returned home from Bodhgaya, Bihar on Sunday, were admitted for quarantine in the center.
Local volunteers of the Miao Singpho Ramma Hpung had earlier, on the appeal of sub-treasury officer Neywin Mongmaw, swung into action and in just two days transformed the badminton club into a 46-block quarantine centre.
Mongmaw, who is the in-charge officer of the centre, appreciated the local Singpho volunteers of MSRH for their contribution and the administration for its support and co-operation.
There are 18 quarantine centres under Miao sub-division spread over Miao, Namphai and Kharsang administrative circles.
Meanwhile, two MI-17 choppers of the Indian Airforce Monday lifted four sorties of rice from Miao to Vijoynagar. Owing to bad weather conditions late afternoon, two sorties had to be cancelled as landing was not possible in the valley. The remaining rations will be lifted on Tuesday, subject to weather conditions.
Earlier, local MLA & UD Minister Kamlung Mossang donated two vehicles to carry people entering the sub-division from outside the state from Namchick check gate to respective quarantine centres.
The minister further expressed hope that the two vehicles will solve the problem of the monitoring team to a large extent. The minister has also sponsored sanitization work in different pockets of the sub division.