‘Govt to enhance economy of farmers through apiculture’

World Honeybee Day

NAHARLAGUN, May 20: Agriculture and Horticulture Secretary Bidol Tayeng has said the state government is contemplating on enhancing the economy of the farmers through apiculture.
Speaking during the World Honeybee Day celebration at the conference hall of the directorate of agriculture here on Wednesday, Tayeng said that the bees play a significant role in the ecosystem and help enhance the economy of the farmers.
“Though tiny in size, bees play an important role in plant pollination and help the farmers in generating income by producing honey,” Tayeng said.
Stating that the honey produced by the beekeepers in the state is pure and organic, he urged the farmers to maintain the same tempo.
Informing that bee keeping will help in producing more agriculture and horticulture crops in the state, Tayeng sought proper coordination among the officials of the agriculture, horticulture, APKVIB and bankers to help the farmers.
He also stressed on prioritising the market linkage for honey producers.
Arunachal Pradesh Bee & Honey Mission (APBHM) Director TD Neeckom said the department has helped many beekeepers in Changlang, Papum Pare and East Siang districts and further extended its activities in seven other notified districts.
Stating that the sole motive of the mission is to enhance the economy of the farmers, Neeckom said that the APBHM is emphasizing on three mini missions-sensitization and capacity building, entrepreneurship development and forward linkage.
He also stressed on the need for identification and development of artificial queen through insemination, organizing trainers training and development of honeybee production centres.
Agriculture Director Anong Lego said the department is looking forward to help more farmers in the coming days to take up apiculture.
Apex Bank General Manager T Wangdi said credit link policy needs to be taken up by the agriculture department in collaboration with the Apex Bank to help the farmers.
Agriculture Marketing Director Tadu Game, ADO and APBHM member Techi Taura and APAMB CEO Okit Palling also spoke.
Many farmers from Papum Pare and Lower Subansiri districts also attended and shared their experiences on bee-keeping.