‘Unfair distribution under PDS’

RAGA, May 21: The All Kamle District Youth Association (AKDYA) has written to the deputy commissioner highlighting several grievances concerning the district, such as unfair distribution under the public distribution system (PDS).
In its letter to the DC, the association said that it has been receiving complaints from all corners that “the distribution of rice for BPL card holders under the PDS has been completely unfair and unequal.”
“Where some have received 25 Kgs for a month, others received only 15 Kgs. We are confused whether it is the fair price shop distributors or the department concerned (food & civil supply) indulging in such corrupt practices, or is it a nexus between both,” the AKDYA said while seeking an extensive enquiry in the entire district with the distributors and department.
The association also demanded that the electric poles and water pipes be shifted by the departments of power (E) and public health engineering, respectively for the upcoming/ ongoing package 3 and package 4 of the Trans-Arunachal Highway construction from Pamluk to Sigen Bridge under Kamle district for smooth construction activities.
Claiming that “shopkeepers are taking undue advantage of the circumstances and are fixing prices of the commodities at their own will,” the AKDYA sought “regulations on the market prices or rates of non- price printed products, essentials and regular checks of cash receipts of shopkeepers to contain exorbitant looting of public money by the business communities in the district.”
It also sought blanket ban on the illegal quarrying, mining and timber operations, adding that “none of them have legal permits to do so.”
Dismayed that no action has been initiated against such illegal activities, the association said that “there is denial of the fact that these quarrying activities are posing great threat to lives of daily commuters due to unplanned execution.”
Illegal timber operations are also reportedly being carried in the dense jungles of the district.
Claiming complete dereliction of duty by many officers and officials of the district, the association also sought stringent action against erring or non- performing officers and officials.