Dy speaker visits quarantine centres in Miao

[ Pisi Zauing ]
MIAO, May 27: Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker Tesam Pongte on Wednesday visited Kharsang, Namphai and Miao administrative circles to gather first-hand information about management of the quarantine centres and isolation wards here.
At the Namchick central check gate, the deputy speaker interacted with police officials, health workers and appreciated them for their relentless services.
At Miao, the officers briefed the deputy speaker about the stranded students and workers returning via Namchick gate to Miao sub-division, mostly from the red zones.
ADC Tage Rumi apprised the deputy speaker about the numbers and maintenance of existing quarantine facilities and isolation wards.
After a patient hearing, Pongte, who is also the Changlang North MLA, appreciated the officers for their untiring efforts in dealing with the pandemic and praised the preparedness.
He advised the frontline warriors to exercise restraint and forge ahead with compassion while dealing with the returnees.
Later, the deputy speaker, accompanied by ADC Rumi, EACs Apollo James Lungphi and Namrata Bhatt, Dr H Jongsam and others, visited the isolation ward at the CHC, quarantine centres at the boys’ hostel, MBC, LWS and SSA in Miao Township.