HM warns rumour mongers, spreaders of fake news

ITANAGAR, Jun 1: The home department has sent out a warning to rumour mongers and spreaders of fake news and information on social media, and said anyone found involved in such activities would be dealt with strongly.
“Rumour mongers and fake information in the social media leading to chaos by any person shall be dealt strongly by the government,” said Home Minister Bamang Felix during a meeting with members of community-based organizations (CBO) of the state here on Monday, according to a home department release.
The meeting was convened by the state government to discuss the present situation vis-à-vis Covid-19, and the road ahead.
Informing the CBOs about the action taken by the government so far to prevent the spread of the pandemic in the state, Felix sought suggestions for better containment and management of Covid-19.
He sought cooperation from all quarters in addressing and preventing social stigma associated with the coronavirus through awareness programmes.
“Towards self-reliance, the government is planning to encourage in the agriculture, horticulture, pisciculture and veterinary sectors, so that we need not import and depend on neighbouring states for essential items in the future, as lockdown has taught us a good lesson of our dependency for every essential items,” Felix said.
Home Commissioner Kaling Tayeng made a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the Covid-19 situation and its management, and the state’s preparedness.
The current status of the health department and its preparedness were highlighted by Health Secretary P Parthiban.
Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF) president Bengia Tolum gave assurance that all the CBOs would extend support to the state government in containing the spread of the coronavirus in the state.
He suggested preparing modalities for involving the CBOs by the government to fight jointly against the pandemic in the state. Tolum also suggested to the state government to prepare proper guidelines/SOP before taking any decision to reopen the educational institutions in the state.
AITF vice president Tarh Tabin and Nyishi Elite Society general secretary Heri Maring also shared their views and offered suggestions.
IGP (L&O) Chukhu Apa, IGP (Admin) Ravindra Singh Yadav, Health Services Director Dr M Lego, SNO Dr L Jampa, HFW Joint Secretary Mamta Riba, Joint DHS Dr E Rumi, and representatives of federating CBOs under the AITF also attended the meeting.