MHA’s negative list on institutions will be followed: CM

Media urged to report lapses at quarantine centres

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jun 1: Briefing media persons on the guidelines of Unlock 1, Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Monday said that the ministry of home affairs’ (MHA) negative list banning a few institutions would be strictly followed.
The chief minister also informed that the ban on issuing of inner line permits would continue, in order to contain the spread of Covid-19.
Highlighting some of the important restrictions that would remain in place, Khandu said, “Effective check gate management will continue, and intra-district movement via Assam will continue with convoy system.”
He said, however, that passes will not be required for intra-district movement within Arunachal without touching Assam.
On being asked whether migrant workers who left the state amid the lockdown would be allowed to return, the CM stated that the capacities of the quarantine facilities need to be reviewed before allowing them back in.
“After assessing the capacity in the quarantine facilities, then only the government would decide whether to allow them or not,” Khandu said.
He also informed that educational institutions would suffer for a month more. “For opening of classes, a strategy would be designed in consultation with the central government,” he said.
On reports of mismanagement at quarantine facilities, the CM urged the media to be proactive in reporting lapses at quarantine centres, and assured of swift rectification.
“I urge our media fellows to be active to directly report about mismanagement at quarantine facilities by tagging me and the chief secretary on Twitter, so that we can rectify it,” he said.
Stating that the Covid-19 lockdown has badly impacted the tourism sector, Khandu said the government is gradually opening intra-Arunachal tourism by encouraging people to visit tourism sites within the state, instead of planning to go outside the state.
“Visiting tourist areas of our own state will enable the state to promote the tourism sector, and also help the economy of the people who are largely dependent on tourism for their livelihood,” he said.
On being asked about the controversial proposal to enhance the doctors’ retirement age, the CM said the decision would be taken considering the state’s interests.
He asserted that the government would not take the decision in the interest of a few individuals in the health department who would be perceived as benefitting from any decision to enhance the retirement age.