DA discusses reopening of schools, colleges

TAWANG, Jun 4: The matter of reopening schools and colleges was discussed during a meeting between DC Sang Phuntsok, DDSE Hridhar Phuntsok, DMO Dr Wangdi Lama, the principals of the government college and schools, and other officials here on Thursday.
During the meeting, which was convened in compliance with the state government’s order regarding reopening of schools and colleges in Arunachal, the DC said “we have to bring back our life to normalcy by maintaining social distance and with precautions (as) we cannot remain locked down for a long time.”
He said the people should learn to live with Covid-19 with precautions in place, “and it is our duty to make people aware and educated about the coronavirus.”
“People are afraid because of their ignorance, and teachers can play an important role by educating and giving awareness to the parents regarding Covid-19,” Phuntsok said.
While the district so far has only one coronavirus positive (asymptomatic) case, there are chances of the number increasing with the return of stranded people from other states, he said. “Now we have to educate our people to take precautions and discourage social stigmas related to Covid positive cases.”
The DMO said “it is good to start the schools again but we have to be very careful and must ensure social distancing and compulsory mask as well as thermal scanning in every school if possible.”
The DDSE asked the officials concerned to seek suggestions from parents and the SMDC members over the phone regarding reopening of schools, “for further decision.” (DIPRO)