ANYA opposes proposed IAF high-altitude range in Lal Ane

ITANAGAR, Jun 8: The All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has strongly opposed the proposal to establish a high-altitude range in Lal Ane/Lali Ane (Nyishi Hills) for bombing practice by the Indian Air Force (IAF).
The association said the mountain range is a repository of rich flora and fauna, and a catchment area of several life-giving rivers.
“If the mountain is acquired for the purpose, then it will completely destroy the flora and fauna found in it, causing imbalance to ecosystem, and also contaminate the rivers, affecting the lives of lakhs of people,” the association stated in a representation to the chief secretary.
It urged the CS to take up the matter with the central government to look for an alternative place for establishing such a range, “where the effect on the flora, fauna and humans will be minimum.”
The association said: “The Lali Ane/Lal Ane (Nyishi Hills) is the highest mountain peak of Nyishi inhabitant areas, and the peak is the catchment area of Panior (Nyorpung and Nyorkhi), which flows into Mengio, Parang river which flows into Sagalee, Pachi and Pacha rivers flow into East Kameng and Panyi river flows into Kurung Kumey district.
“If the proposed high-altitude range is executed then all the rivers would be contaminated as they are originating from Lali Ane and people residing downstream shall be affected badly along with aquatic animals,” the representation stated.
The mountain range is also a repository of rich flora, including rhododendron of different species, Allium hookeri (dite), Illicium griffithii, swertia (Nyishi rangke), Taxus baccata, Paris parifolia, Panax sikkimensis (ginseng), aconitum (amiou), Cinnamomum tamala (tej-pat), rafflesia (nyodi diya), Monotropa uniflora (ghost plant), etc, the association said.
Rare wildlife species like the Tragopan satyra, capped langur, red panda, Gallus gallus, black drongo, barbet, pheasant, black bear, white eagle, giant squirrel, barking deer, monkey, leopard, serow, yellow marten, pit vipers, etc, and varieties of insects are also found in the mountains.
The ANYA also said that Lal Ane/Lali Ane has great potential for ecotourism.
“The area is believed to be home to invisible men called Mig-Mirre/Dimi Taayang by the local people, and the houses-like rock formations found in the area are believed to be their houses,” it said.
The chief administrative officer of the Tezpur (Assam)-based IAF station in a letter to the Kurung Kumey DC stated that the state government has given approval for carrying out a joint survey for acquisition of land for the high-altitude range in the Nyishi Hills.