Unfair but true

Monday Musing

[ Tongam Rina ]
Transfer and posting of Arunachal government employees are being done in some departments. Though transfers and postings are a regular affair, the timing is slightly problematic, given the fact that it is being done amidst a pandemic, most of the government employees are engaged in Covid-19 duties, and the roads are blocked in many places.
Perhaps the government has its own logic which often defies logic.
In Arunachal, transfer and posting of government employees are done not because there is a policy in place. Most of the time it is done on the basis of favouritism, nepotism, vindictiveness, and as a punishment for stating the facts and going by the rulebook.
On the other hand, if you know the right people, there is even the possibility that new posts with unimaginable perks may be created.
A plum posting is not necessarily the result of the efficiency of the employee. Most often it’s about how connected the employee is with politicians and how much money they can spare.
A written note from an MLA/minister accompanies almost every posting and transfer request. Right from the lowest in the hierarchy to the top, there is a note attached, with very few exceptions. Some notes are verbal.
If at all the MLAs and ministers have to dictate transfer and posting, there is no reason why the departments should be bothered about it at all. Just hand over the lists to all the MLAs, and they can choose and pick for themselves. This would make everybody’s job easier.
If the government’s policy of transfer and posting is scheduled every three years, keep it that way and follow it meticulously, without favour or pressure. On the other hand, it’s a well-known fact that not everyone needs notes from the politicians. For some, money moves the file.
For some, neither of the two approaches works. These are the ones who go by the rulebook. This group of employees is rare. They are often posted from one place to another, or sometimes are stuck at the same place for years together.
There is another group of employees, who will go where they are sent. They are perhaps the assets of the government.
Some people never move out of an urban area, while some struggle to get posted to the coveted urban settings, where there are school, health and communication facilities.
Everybody should get a fair chance, so it is time for the government to figure out a way to ensure that transfers and postings are not governed by how well-connected or moneyed the employee is.