Puroik students object to omission of word in board’s name

ITANAGAR, Jun 22: The All Puroik Students’ Union (APSU) has raised objection to the omission of the word ‘autonomous’ while referring to the Autonomous Puroik Welfare Board (APWB).
According to the union, records showed that every letter of communication by the state government and departments “deliberately omitted the word ‘autonomous’ and referred to the board as the ‘Puroik Welfare Board’.”
The APWB was constituted in 2017 after the All Puroik Welfare Society (APWS) had submitted a memorandum to former Governor PB Acharya on his maiden visit to the Puroik colony in Papu Nallah on 5 March, 2017.
“The APWS had struggled to form an autonomous agency for the Puroik community. The dream turned into a reality with the constitution
of the Autonomous Puroik Welfare Board as per the Arunachal Gazette Extraordinary Notification of 13 October, 2017.
“However, it is found that the Autonomous Puroik Welfare Board is being mentioned as the Puroik Welfare Board in government letters,” the union pointed out.
Saying that such omission is a gross violation of the gazette order, the APSU requested the state government to rectify it and refrain from such deliberate omission in future communications.