Int’l webinar on impact of Covid-19 on global economy concludes

RONO HILLS, Jun 23: The two-day international webinar on the impact of Covid-19 on the global economy, organized by Rajiv Gandhi University’s (RGU) economics department, concluded on Tuesday.
Addressing the valedictory session, RGU Pro-VC, Prof Amitava Mitra spoke about “the changes in interstate variations in incidence and fatality of Covid-19 in India.”
He urged researchers to carry out studies to identify the causes of regional variations in incidence and fatality, “which can give specific policy implications to mitigate the problems.”
Prof Mitra also stated that the pandemic had a very adverse impact on the Indian economy, which he said “was already slowing down due to both internal and external factors.”
To improve the economy, he suggested focusing on potential sectors such as ecotourism, horticulture, livestock and agro-based industries in the northeastern states.
RGU VC, Prof Saket Kushwaha advised all the faculty members and participants to work with dedication for their personal development “as well as for institutional development.”
RGU Registrar, Prof Tomo Riba advised the participants to disseminate the knowledge they gained from the webinar among others, and urged them to “work hard, help each other, and take precautionary measures to win the battle against the pandemic.”