KVK’s campaign on germplasm

HAWAI, Jun 23: The Anjaw Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) is continuing its awareness campaign among the district’s farmers on ‘conservation of local landraces and germplasm’, in order to collect, identify and conserve the local germplasm.
“Indigenous local germplasm, especially plant genetic resources, are the major source for living genetic materials used by local communities, researchers and breeders for producing new varieties which can adapt to changing needs,” the KVK stated in a release.
Badilu Manyu, of Gai village, has been conserving the local germplasm in her fields for the last two decades, it said.
“Different local germplasm of maize, popcorn maize chillies, pumpkin, beans, cowpea, tomato, sugarcane, ginger, finger millet, sorghum, foxtail millet, rice, sweet potato, etc, are grown and preserved by her,” it said.
The KVK is using her services to encourage other local farmers to simultaneously cultivate improved varieties of crops while preserving the local germplasm.
Manyu had received the People’s Award from the Arunachal government in 2015 “in recognition of excellence in the field of agricultural sector,” the KVK said.