GeoEnpro lays off 19 employees, orgs outraged

[ Tom Simai ]
KHARSANG, Jun 27: GeoEnpro Pvt Ltd has terminated the services of 16 contractual and three regular employees, reportedly on the pretext of a “severe financial doldrums.”
The employees have reportedly served the company for the last 25 years.
This is one of the largest layoffs by any company in Changlang district. The timing of the layoff has outraged the locals, with the Kharsang Circle Unemployed Youth Association (KCUYA), the Tangsa Youth Association, the All Changlang District Students’ Union and the All Tangsa Students’ Union joining hands to fight “tooth and nail against the inhumane policy” adopted by the crude oil extraction company.
In a telephonic conversation, KCUYA president Munpong Khimhun said a four-point memorandum has been submitted to the oil company, demanding immediate revocation of the termination orders and ceasing further layoffs, come what may.
“GeoEnpro Pvt Ltd has been parroting about the financial instability it has been facing since seven years. In this regard, the local public has stood beside it like rock and accepted the deducted contract bills without any complaint,” Khimhun said, adding that GeoEnpro had “failed drastically to return the kindness showered by the local people.”
Speaking about “the deplorable condition of the terminated workers,” Khimhun said almost all the employees who have lost their jobs were the sole breadwinners of their families.
“The failure to fulfill our legit demands will compel us to take to the street in order to display our aghast and anger against GeoEnpro Pvt Ltd that has mercilessly kicked out the workers who sacrificed 25 years of their lives in the welfare of the company,” Khimhun cautioned.
“Earlier, we ignored many discrepancies of GeoEnpro Pvt Ltd because it has bestowed dignified existence to our people. But the recent provocative act of GeoEnpro Pvt Ltd has shattered all the goodwill it has earned over the last many years. In a single stroke, the disloyalty displayed by the company has robbed the future of 19 helpless workers,” Khimhun added.