GeoEnpro’s unethical action

The decision of GeoEnpro Pvt Ltd to terminate the service of 16 contractual and three regular employees is really unfortunate. Some of them have been working with the company for the last 25 years. This move, coming at a time when people are struggling to find jobs due to Covid-19, is going to hit the families of the employees hard. GeoEnpro Pvt Ltd is based in Kharsang, in Changlang district, and operates the Kharsang oilfield. The move to sack 19 employees has enraged the locals of the area.
Several NGOs along with student unions are seething with anger and there are possibilities of a large-scale demonstration against the company. It might also lead to increase in hostility against GeoEnpro Pvt Ltd. The company should rethink and, if possible, reverse the decision. This is not the time to fire people from service. At this difficult time they should be extending every possible help to the employees. If they are indeed facing financial issues as cited by them, the company can seek a bailout from the package announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The people of Kharsang and the state in general have always extended support to GeoEnpro Pvt Ltd. This is not the way to pay back for the support extended. The state government should look into the matter and try to resolve it. The souring of relations between the local people and GeoEnpro Pvt Ltd has the potential to affect the functioning of the Kharsang oilfield in the days to come.