Trg in soybean intercropping imparted

KANUBARI, Jun 30: Twenty-five members of different SHGs participated in a training programme on ‘Importance of soybean as intercrop for maintaining soil fertility in jhumland’, organized here by the Longding KVK on 29 June.
During the training, KVK Head, Dr A Kirankumar Singh highlighted the cropping system to be followed for maintaining soil fertility “with sustainable production and productivity of the foodgrains.”
He discussed the importance of soybean in the cropping system in jhumland to conserve the soil and maintain soil fertility.
During interactions with the participants, Dr Singh spoke about his experience during the lockdown period, and said those who had foodgrains at home did not worry but those who did not have sufficient foodgrains had to suffer.
He advised the participants to grow sufficient crops of foodgrains, vegetables, fruits, etc, for their own consumption and to feed the needy people.