Let law take its course

On Wednesday, in a shocking revelation, a medical student alleged that the director of the Don Bosco Youth Centre, Itanagar, Father Cyriac, molested her. The incident reportedly took place last month and Fr Cyriac, who was arrested by the Itanagar police based on her complaint, is currently on a bail. The police are investigation the case and hopefully they will fast-track the investigation, so that justice is delivered. The allegation is very serious and deserves to be thoroughly investigated. Even though it is a matter of investigation and is a criminal case, a section of right wing supporters of Arunachal are busy giving a communal colour to the incident.
Several prominent right wing supporters are using the incident to blame the whole community for the incident. One right wing member while writing on FB termed the incident ‘dark side of Christianity’. Using an unfortunate incident to take forward one’s own communal agenda is absolutely disgusting. They are not helping the victim by doing so. In fact, they are diluting her fight by trying to give a communal colour to the whole incident. This kind of behaviour is usually seen among right wing supporters in mainland India. The moment any crime takes place, they will always scan the religion of the accused and start giving a communal colour to the criminal acts. The same pattern is now being adopted in our state. The people should remember that a criminal has no race, religion, caste or tribe. As the matter is under investigation, let the police do their job. Also, the capital police should speed up the investigation, so that justice is delivered at the earliest.