Org resents ‘biased’ distribution of TrueNat machines

ITANAGAR, Jul 12: The Galo Youth Organization (GYO) has expressed resentment at what is said was biased distribution of TrueNat machines across the state and sought immediate allocation of TrueNat equipment to zonal hospital in West Siang HQ Aalo and to include Basar (Leparada) and Likabali (Lower Siang) in the list.
Terming the distribution of TrueNat machines to various districts of the state in June this year by Health Secretary P Pratibhan discriminatory, the GYO said it was “deeply saddened and disappointed by the biased attitude shown particularly to the Galo-inhabited districts, namely, West Siang, Lower Siang and Leparada.”
It claimed that when the distribution order was issued, West Siang was “clandestinely removed.”
This, it said, “has hurt the sentiments of the people living in the central region of the state, spreading right from the banks of the Subansiri to the Siyom river basins.”
“This region is one of the most densely populated and urban centres and of late there has been huge movement of armed personnel from other states into the region. As such there is there is higher possibility of community spread of Covid-19 pandemic due to heavy troop deployment,” the GYO said.
Stating that Likabali is the gateway and commercial entry point to many districts, such as Leparada, Upper Subansiri, West Siang, Shi-Yomi and Upper Siang, the GYO said that “the childish and misinformed demeanour on the part of the secretary (health & family welfare) smacks of his total failure to understand the ground realities,” and cast apprehension on his ability to address the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Saying that it “strongly feels that the Covid-19 mitigation plans and implementation under Parthiban is a risky proposition,” the GYO demanded that the state government transfer the secretary within 15 days.
The organization warned that it would resort to a democratic movement in all Galo-inhabited areas if its demands are not met.