Gao asks GeoEnpro to reinstate sacked employees

[ Pisi Zauing ]
NEW DELHI, Jul 15: Unhappy over the sacking of 19 employees by Kharsang-based GeoEnpro Petroleum Ltd, MP Tapir Gao asked the oil extraction company to reinstate all the sacked employees.
“GeoEnpro cannot be dictatorial against the local people of Kharsang in Changlang district from where they are exploring oil and gas,” Gao said.
The MP said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given direction to all PSUs and private companies across the country to give salaries to all its employees throughout the Covid -19 period.
“No employee can be denied of their salaries or terminated during the Covid-19 pandemic,” Gao said and termed the action of GeoEnpro as gross violation of the central government’s Covid -19 guidelines.