DA restricts fuel for consumers

ITANAGAR, Jul 20: ICR DC Komkar Dulom has issued an order restricting issuance of high speed diesel (HSD) or petrol to everyday consumers during the lockdown period.
As per the order, HSD or petrol shall be issued to only those vehicles under the exempted categories during the lockdown period.
“HSD and petrol shall not be issued to normal consumers, except for medical emergencies and exempted offices,” the order read.
The DC also informed that the markets will be open on Tuesday and on 28 August.
“From 22 to 27 July, all the markets, including grocery and vegetable shops in sectors and colonies, will remain closed. It will open for one day, on 28, and after that will again remain closed till 3 August.
The citizens doing shopping should be extremely careful as cases of people getting infected from the market areas are increasing,” Dulom said.
However, he said home delivery of essential commodities will be allowed, provided the SOP is maintained by the delivery service people.
The DC also made it clear that no movement of people from the capital to other districts will be allowed during the lockdown period.
“Those intending to travel to districts should take permission from their respective deputy commissioners and after that apply to us for the travel permit. However, it is made clear that only medical emergency or essential service-related cases will be permitted,” he said.
The DC also said that people coming from other districts will not be required to undergo antigen tests and only the people coming from outside the state will be tested.