GeoEnpro reinstates sacked employees

[ Pisi Zauing ]
KHARSANG, Jul 21: After more than a month of uncertainty and dissension, Kharsang-based GeoEnpro Petroleum Ltd in Changlang district has decided to reinstate all the 19 employees it had sacked.
The move comes after pressure was exerted on the company by UD Minister Kamlung Mossang, MP Tapir Gao, and several organizations.
Mossang on Tuesday held a marathon meeting with GeoEnpro’s CEO on the issue of the job termination, following which the company decided to reinstate the employees.
Informing that GeoEnpro has agreed to reinstate all the employees, the minister expressed hope that the employees who are rejoining their assigned jobs would perform their duties “with utmost sincerity and dedication, and contribute to the development of the administrative circle.”