Proposal to establish TRIHMS extn at MLA aptts: Dr Jini

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jul 21: Tomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Sciences (TRIHMS) Director Dr Moji Jini informed that a proposal has been made to establish an extension of the TRIHMS at the MLA apartments in Chimpu.
“Considering the overwhelming situation at the TRIHMS, we have proposed another TRIHMS extension centre near the MLA apartments, Chimpu. It is very appropriate to deal with the cases as the numbers of non-Covid cases are also increasing,” said Dr Jini during a virtual press briefing on Tuesday.
On the closure of the cancer ward and other normal OPD services, Dr Jini informed that “due to engagement of many doctors, nurses and other health staffs in Covid duty, the normal health service had to be temporarily suspended.”
However, he said that special arrangement has been made, giving priority to the cancer patients, and that the service will start by Thursday.
Dr Jini also informed that treatment protocols for Covid-19 patients are being prepared.
He informed that the TRIHMS had 27 Covid-19 positive patients till Monday. However, 16 patients were discharged on Tuesday morning. Among those still in the hospital, six are symptomatic patients who are currently being treated, he said.
“Among our Covid patients, people requiring ICU or ventilators are very few. We had to use the ICU for one occasion. I hope this trend continues,” Dr Jini said.
Seeking to dispel public fear, he said the people should not panic after seeing the number of Covid-19 positive cases in the Itanagar capital region and across the districts. They should, however, be aware and take precautionary measures by following the SOPs, he said.
Dr Jini said it is difficult to predict when the spreading of the virus would end.
“However, people need to be cautious as it is detrimental for comorbidity patients, elderly people, children, etc,” he added.