APCCF not govt-run firm: CS Registrar

ITANAGAR, Jul 27: Reacting to the news headlined ‘Deceased’s purported audio…’, etc, which was published in the 25 July issue of this daily, Cooperative Societies (CS) Registrar Tai Kaye on Monday clarified that the Arunachal Pradesh Consumers’ Cooperative Federation (APCCF) Ltd is not a government-run firm but an apex level cooperative society registered under the Arunachal Pradesh Cooperative Societies Act, 1978.

“The state of Arunachal Pradesh has more than 1000 cooperative societies registered under the above act. All the cooperative societies are autonomous bodies, managed by the elected board of directors of respective cooperative societies in a democratic manner under cooperative principles,” the registrar said.

He said the functioning of the cooperative societies is “governed by the byelaws of the respective cooperative societies as adopted by the general body, (and) the salaries of employees are paid from the earning of respective cooperative societies.

“The state government does not bear the salaries/wages of employees of cooperative societies as they are not government employees,” Kaye informed in a statement.