AMBK chalks out mechanism for safe passage of Assam villagers


RUKSIN, Jul 28: The people of six villages of Assam bordering Ruksin subdivision still do not have an alternative route to reach Assam. They have to use the 10-km stretch of NH 515 from Oyan village to Ruksin gate in East Siang district to reach Assam.

The six villages are Oiramghat, Kemi, Sirung, Oyan-Jelom, Abor-Leku and Natun Jelom.

Keeping in mind the problem being faced by the people, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Adi Mising Baane Kebang (AMBK) chalked out a mechanism to address the problem during a meeting at the Ruksin SDO office last Wednesday.

AMBK functionaries from both the states appealed to the Ruksin ADC and senior police officials to deploy local police at the Covid-19 check posts between Ruksin and Oyan to ensure safe passage of the people from the six villages only.

The AMBK took up the issue following reports that policemen harassed villagers travelling to Assam’s Jonai subdivision for official work.