NRCY provides remedial measures to Brokpas

NAGAGIGI, Jul 28: Dirang-based National Research Centre on Yak (NRCY) provided yak herders with feed, common salt, chelated mineral mixture, and basic veterinary medicines for their animals under its TSP programme here in West Kameng district on Tuesday.

The institute had been notified that the Brokpas of Dirang circle were unable to migrate with their yaks due to the restrictions imposed in certain traditional migratory routes of yaks, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some of the Brokpas were unable to migrate to the high-altitude summer pastures located in Luguthang and Mago in Tawang district. The Brokpas raised concern over the limited grazing resources for their livestock in Nagagigi and the possibility of their herds getting ectoparasitic infestation because of the lower altitude.

The Dirang Employees Welfare Society also approached the NRCY, seeking supportive measures for the stressed herders and their animals.

NRCY senior scientist Dr D Medhi, who was in the team that visited the Brokpas here, briefed them on scientific feeding and breeding, and on reproductive and health management of their animals. Technical Officer P Namje apprised the herders of the “hygienic aspects for clean milk production and value addition of their products for better income generation,” according to a release from the NRCY.

Six yak herding families with nearly 500 yaks and yak-cattle hybrids benefitted from the relief programme.

NRCY Director Dr P Chakravarty assured the herders of the institute’s support, and advised them to strictly observe hygiene and sanitary measures to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic.