AAPSU says Mon autonomy bound to open floodgates for similar demands

ITANAGAR, Jul 30: Reacting to the demand for a Mon autonomous region by the Mon Autonomous Region Demand Committee, the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) said that the move is bound to open the floodgates for similar demands from various regions in the state.

It said that the state government should act with caution and not allow fault lines to be drawn on the basis of region or community.

The union further said that it has always been sceptical of the demands for creation of Patkai and Mon autonomous regions.

“Any developments regarding creation of the autonomous region should also take cognizance of the present sociopolitical realities in the state.

“The yardstick to measure the level of economic development and progress, including the very important socio-cultural preservation and development, is almost same for every region in a multi-tribal state like ours. Any initiative which directly or indirectly sows seeds of discord and division among the various tribes should be averted as every community and region in the state aspires for progress, prosperity and cohesive development” the AAPSU said in a release on Thursday.

It said there already are separate departments for both the regions which are seeking autonomous councils, in addition to the major chunks of state and central development funds being allocated to the areas.

Issuing a caution, the union asked the state government to “have a holistic approach and take every region together along the path of prosperity and development to avoid far-reaching ramifications in the long run.”