DCHC to start operation when infrastructure is in place: Libang

ITANAGAR, Jul 30: Health Minister Alo Libang said that the dedicated Covid health centre (DCHC) in Midpu will not be made operational until all required infrastructure is in place.

Speaking to the press here on Thursday, Libang said the hospital “should not be opened just for namesake when the work is not fully completed.”

The minister also informed that all the agencies, including the PHED and the power department, are working hard to speed up the work but the heavy monsoon rains have affected its progress.

“The construction agency has sought time till 7 August. Let them continue work, and after one week we will review the progress. There should not be any compromise with the quality of work,” said Libang.

The 35-bedded prefabricated DCHC was supposed to start operation from 31 July. However, major works are yet to be completed.

“After all the work is completed and the doctors are satisfied with the facilities in place, the hospital will start functioning. When the health department takes it over, all the work should be finished. The carrying out of work when the hospital is in operation is not good,” the health minister said.

Libang also said that lockdowns are imposed only when situations turn grim.

“The people’s frustration is understandable, but remember, lockdown is imposed only to break the chain of infection and to isolate the infected people by conducting large-scale testing,” he said.

‘Don’t compromise with work quality’

Meanwhile, the All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has asked the construction agency engaged in the construction of the 35-bedded prefabricated DCHC not to compromise with the quality of work.

In a press release, the association while commending the efforts of all the departments engaged in the construction of the DCHC stated that “everyone wants the DCHC to start operation at the earliest.”

Early completion of the project is necessary to treat Covid-19 patients, but it does not mean that construction should be below standard, the ANYA stated.

“We request the health department to continuously monitor the quality of work, and also get the best equipment for the DCHC as it is going to treat patients infected with a complex virus,” the ANYA said.

The association further stated that, once the hospital starts functioning, no construction activities should be carried out, as it might pose the threat of spreading the coronavirus.

“Only when all the infrastructure work is completed the hospital should start functioning. Just to meet the deadline the health department should not commit mistakes which might prove costly later,” it said.