ASVS welcomes new education policy

ITANAGAR, Aug 3: The Arunachal Shiksha Vikas Samiti (ASVS) has welcomed the new education policy (NEP), describing it as a “meticulously crafted and vividly drafted vision document which is the urgent need of the decade in the field of education.”

In a press release, it said the NEP provides for changes in structure and content to rejuvenate the national educational system, and especially lauded the strategies and programmes for early childhood care and education.

“This is a stage where our children first experience differences and discriminations in society in terms of nutrition, healthcare and healthy environment. Inclusion of this stage in the educational policy and framework is truly constructive and commendable,” the ASVS said.

Besides praising the new pedagogical and curricular structure of 5+3+3+4 and the “respect to diversity and local context for recognition and identity to the wise and popular practices followed in our villages,” it said the introduction of multilingualism and emphasis on mother tongue as the medium of instruction upto class 5 or 8 “gives hope and scope not only for saving our local dialects from extinction, but to enrich and scientifically develop them into full-fledged languages.”

While the emphasis on continuous professional development of teachers through trainings would make the teachers resourceful, “reformations in the areas of higher education, with multidisciplinary institutions and courses, as well as recommendations for more autonomy and self-reliance to universities and colleges will enhance the quality level of higher learning,” it said.

The ASVS also said that the opening of campuses by foreign universities would promote competition among universities and competency among their students.

“The most important feature of the NEP-2020 is that it is India-centric in its approach, deriving from a pan-Indian outlook with regard to the content, context and commitment. If effectively implemented, it will surely make our coming generation more national, rational and emotional to India,” it said.