Legislators seek clarification over inclusion of E/Kameng’s areas in MAR

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Aug 7: Elected representatives of East Kameng district on Friday sought a clarification from the Mon Autonomous Region Demand Committee (MARDC) over the inclusion of Bana and Lada circles of East Kameng in the proposed Mon autonomous region (MAR), comprising Tawang and West Kameng districts.

Seppa West MLA and Sports Minister Mama Natung and Bameng MLA Goruk Pordung have written a joint letter to the MARDC, stating that Bana, which comes under the Seppa West assembly constituency and Lada circle, which falls under the Bameng assembly constituency of East Kameng district, have been included in the proposed MAR map.

Natung and Pordung stated that they were not consulted by the MARDC before including the circles in the proposed autonomous region map.

 The elected representative stated that they consider the matter to be serious, and questioned why there was no public hearing before the inclusion of the circles in the map of the proposed autonomous districts.

“It is brought to our notice that you have also not made any public hearing or consulted any locals of those circles in this regard, before considering its inclusion in your proposed map. In view of the above, you are advised to give your clarifications of your unilateral decision” the letter stated.