Govt assures support to business community ACCI calls off proposed shutter-down

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, Aug 9: The Arunachal Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) has called off its proposed 72-hour shutter-down strike after the state government addressed some of the issues raised by the business community, and gave assurance to look into the rest of the issues after developing modalities.

The state government has agreed to implement auto-renewal of statutory licences. The chief secretary has invited the ACCI to discuss and develop the modalities for the same on 11 August.

Regarding revalidation of the ILPs of incoming staffers, those having a valid ILP will be allowed to enter and commence work after five days’ quarantine as per the SOP.

For those who do not have a valid ILP, application may be submitted to the Itanagar capital region (ICR) deputy commissioner for permission/temporary entry pass. “The revalidation and issuing of new ILPs will be done after the decision in the next cabinet meeting,” the ACCI said.

It said that the state government has also assured to look into the proposal of providing “Covid-19 working capital gap funding” for business enterprises and develop modalities for implementing it.

Automobile/vehicles outlets, dealers to be exempted from purview of left-right rule

The state government has also accepted the demand of the All Arunachal Pradesh Motor Vehicle Dealers Association, and the left side-right side rule for opening and closing will not be applicable to the motor vehicle dealers in the ICR with immediate effect.

The government also said that bakeries and cake shops in the ICR would be allowed to function normally with immediate effect.

In a letter to the ACCI, the state government acknowledged the hardships faced by the ACCI and said that the government is “actively engaged with the stakeholders to suggest measures which would reduce this huge burden due to loss of economic activities.”

Regarding the lockdown, the state government said that it is “an extreme measure adopted by many state and city governments to control the spread of the pandemic. The second lockdown imposed on 3 July was necessitated due to the sudden increase of cases in the ICR.”

The state government also said that it would review the situation on 30 August and take a call on complete unlocking.

“We have already commenced our unlock measures and we are confident that if the current trend continues and citizens continue to observe rules of new normal meticulously, we do not see any reason for another lockdown in the near future. Currently, we have allowed almost all the business activities, except the left side-right side rule along the main road,” it said.

However, the government said it is necessary to understand that the Covid-19 situation is still evolving and the virus is not yet fully understood.

“As such, we need to continue with our efforts without lowering our guard. The government’s efforts will be to arrive at a fine balance between managing the Covid situation and managing economic activities,” the government said.

The state government has also already approved home quarantine for those coming from outside, based on a written undertaking by the individual with regard to adherence to the home quarantine norms.

“For home isolation for Covid-19 positive individuals, we have decided to extend this facility for certain citizens like pregnant and lactating women, patients, etc,” the government informed.

However, it said that home quarantine and home isolation put great responsibility on the individual citizen, their family and the community in terms of following all the prescribed norms.

It also addressed the matter of undue harassment to the business community and coordination issues between the police and the administration. It said that the government has “zero tolerance for undue harassment by any public functionaries,” and assured of strict action if a public servant is observed doing so.

Stating that the government is keen that economic activities resume at optimum speed, the OSD to the chief secretary in a letter to the ACCI said that “the government is committed for ease of doing business and is in the process of state and district business reform plan.”