MMT condemns ANYA president’s statement

ITANAGAR, Aug 10: The Monpa Mimang Tsogpa (MMT) on Monday strongly condemned All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) president Byabang Joram’s statement that Arunachal is referred to as ‘south Tibet’ by China because of Tawang.

The ANYA president reportedly made the controversial statement while speaking to a local news channel here. Reportedly, Joram told the news channel that China describes Arunachal as ‘south Tibet’ because the people of Tawang watched Tibetan TV channels.

Condemning the statement, the apex body of the Monpa community demanded that the ANYA president withdraw his statement, terming it “provocative, insane, unethical and unparliamentary from a person of his stature.”

“The people of Tawang have been showing their patriotism since time immemorial and contributed immensely for the nation’s development and always stood

with the Indian Army in defending the unity and integrity of our great nation,” the MMT stated in a release.

“In spite of repeated claims made by China, the people of Tawang have always stood with India. During the 1962 war, the people of Tawang had shown their exemplary patriotism by serving Indian soldiers as porters, and also helped in defending our great motherland by helping our Indian soldiers in earning weapons and finding routes,” it said.

The MMT stated that the Monpa community is deeply saddened by “such irresponsible statement made by one of our own brothers,” and sought an apology from Joram for hurting the sentiments of the Monpas.