Peace a prerequisite for development: TCLPeF

CHANGLANG, Aug 18: The Tirap Changlang Longding People’s Forum (TCLPeF) said that its support for an early solution to the decades-old Indo-Naga political problem should be looked at “from the perspective of peace.”

Stating that the Indo-Naga political problem, dating back to 1918, has affected the Naga people directly and all the inhabitants of the Northeast indirectly, the forum said that the Indo-Naga peace talks should be supported by all peace-loving citizens.

“Today, after so many years of sacrifice and suffering, when both the GoI and the Nagas have realized the futility of violence and are working hard to resolve the long-pending issue in the interest of permanent peace, it is natural for every peace-loving citizen to lend support for an early and amicable solution,” the TCLPeF said in a press statement.

Peace and development are two sides of the same coin, and without peace there cannot be development, it said.

“We are concerned about the future of our younger generation, our youths. We don’t want the youths of tomorrow to wield weapons and remain in violence. Our support for an early solution should be looked at from the perspective of peace and nothing more or nothing less,” it said.

On the issue of integration, the forum stated: “We had never supported or opposed it because it is for the negotiating parties – the GoI and the NNPGs – to decide whether or not to grant. We have faith in both the negotiating parties that they will show their maturity and exercise their wisdom in the interest of the common good of all the people in the Northeast.”

The forum said it was deeply saddened by the “weird threat” issued by the AAPSU and other organizations/associations “without cultivating proper information.”

The TCLPeF – a non-political social organization with the primary objective of bringing peace in the society – was formed in Deomali during the general body meeting of the PADC, in the presence of the MLAs and minister(s) of the TCL districts, in 2017, the forum informed.