NES, ANSU walk out of consultative meet, reiterate their opposition to autonomy

ITANAGAR, Aug 19:  The Nyishi Elite Society (NES) and the All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) walked out of the consultative meet, called by the state government on the Mon-Patkai autonomy demand, saying that there was “mobilization of unauthorized participants” and that live telecast of the meeting was “a breach of trust.”

However, the ANSU submitted its representation opposing the autonomous council demand.

In a press statement issued, the NES condemned the live telecast of the consultative meeting and alleged that the state government has “breached the trust” by live telecasting the in-house discussion and by mobilizing “unauthorized participants to generate in-congenial atmosphere.”

It said that “members not recognized by the Arunachal Indigenous Tribes’ Forum (AITF) and organisations never considered as the apex community-based organizations of the state” were invited to the meeting.

It claimed that the AITF’s decision opposing the live telecast was verbally conveyed to the DCM, who is the chairman of the consultative committee and Minister Health and member Alo Libang through the AITF.

“But after half an hour, proceedings were being telecasted live,” the NES stated.

“Under such an open televised environment, free and fair discussion of gigantic socio-political issues cannot be conducted,” it added.

The NES further vowed to fight for unity and integrity of the state as it appealed to the state government “not to entertain divisive forces or encourage voices of disintegration.”